At The Bauke Group, we believe Career Happiness looks different for all of us. We all want different things, both at work and in life generally. We all have different challenges that may be holding us back, and we will all take different paths to reach that Career Happiness goal!

But here’s the problem: getting Career Happy requires you to know very clearly what you want, not just at work, but in your whole life, because the two are connected. Unhappy at work? You’re probably bringing that home with you. Unhappy at home? Your work is probably suffering. Furthermore, the elements of our individual career happiness may change constantly.

Throughout our lives, our interests, values, and priorities change. In fact, our experiences often shape what we value. Shouldn’t our idea of Career Happiness evolve, too?


Imagine a world where we are all working—and living—in alignment with our best selves.

Imagine a career that empowers you to give your time and talent to the things you TRULY care about at this point in your life.

Take a step toward living a life you love!