Career Happiness = Organization Happiness

Are you struggling with retention and engagement of your team members?

  • Do you want your team members to be happy and engaged AND in the right role?
  • Do you want to continue to improve the environment and culture for your team?
  • Do you want your team members to take more ownership for the culture and their career advancement?

As leaders, you have overflowing plates- and the squeeze is only getting tighter.

Our Career Catalyst program takes the responsibility of driving career development off of leader’s plates and puts it right where it belongs- into the hands of the individuals.

Offer the opportunity for your team members the opportunity for self- discovery- who they truly are professionally and what that means for their career with you and beyond.

Our Powerful 7 Step Process:

  1. Self-Knowledge and Awareness. Clarity on the value you bring and the ability to comfortably and confidently tell your professional story.
  2. Reputation Management. Understanding how you are perceived in your professional world.
  3. Alignment with Organizational Needs. Positioning yourself to continue to grow and be “indispensable.”.
  4. Alignment with Personal and Professional Lives. Staying vigilant to work and life changes and their impact.
  5. Career Goal Setting. Continuously working toward something that matters.
  6. Network Building and Management. Building mutually beneficial relationships that support your goals.
  7. Intentional Career Conversations. The ability and willingness to advocate for yourself.

This content can be delivered in-person or virtually in a variety of ways! For further info, contact Michelle Dunne at


Testimonials & Experiences

Catalyzers of Career Direction, Management, And Planning

“ The Career Catalyst was an excellent exercise in self-reflection. The differentsteps allowed moments to pause, and understand where you see yourself along yourcareer. While I personally had an idea where I wanted to be eventually, the CareerCatalyst allowed me to determine the next steps. I was able to have conversationswith employees, previous managers and potential future managers to guide mealong my path. The process was hugely beneficial to be able to focus my goals andcontinue to develop.”

– Manager, Private Manufacturing Global Company

“In preparation for our annual Sr. Leadership Team Annual Session, I sent 8 Global Marketers throughthe program,
Wow! All 8 were blown away by the program’s ability to crystalize strengths andweaknesses, to self-assess, and to enable them to articulate their career path in a clear in a fruitful,passionate way. For me, the output was enlightening, even revelatory, especially in learning aboutmy people’s career passions and how they each find fulfillment. This exercise was so helpful for 9-box Talent, succession planning, and continuing to build our talented, high-performing team.

– Manager, Private Manufacturing Global Company

Cultivators of Career Happiness

A Trusted Guide on Career Clarification

“As the Chief People Officer of a global manufacturing company, I have always positioned thatemployees are the stewards of their own career path, but verbalizing career aspirations and asking forspecific development is not always an easy conversation for employees to have with their manager.The Career Catalyst tool prepares and empowers employees for this conversation so they can clearlycommunicate with management their plan for success. I would highly recommend any leaderspreparing for Succession Planning, consider using Career Catalyst to further develop and prepare theirhigh-potential talent.