You deserve to confidently and clearly embark on the path toward a fulfilling career that aligns with the lifestyle you desire. Our online program, Career Catalyst, will empower you with a solid, actionable career plan for both where you are now and where you want to go. Come ready to dig in and we’ll give you the process, the tools, and all the guidance you need.

But don’t take it just from us! Hear from some of the participants of our Career Catalyst program and our optional career coaching services!

“One thing that stuck with me was ‘no one cares as much about your career as you do.’ We have to be proactive in finding or developing opportunities for ourselves. I took away some valuable lessons and I alsohave a better understanding of myself, the value I bring, and what my short and long term goals are.”


Manager Strategy Planning & Projects at ColdJet

“Julie Bauke is an incredibly talented professional who brings a unique approach and perspective to those who are in a career transition or simply seeking counsel and a genuine sounding board. I highly recommend TBG to experienced leaders considering a career transition.”


Chief Financial Officer, Highlights for Children

“Working with Jeff has been the best investment I’ve ever made in my career. He asked the right questions to help me discover what I wanted to accomplish. Then he guided me through the skills, actions, and tools I needed to achieve my goals. He flexed his process to prepare me for interviews or other critical conversations as they happened. Jeff’s expertise, professionalism, and advocacy were indispensable during my job search, and the skills I learned from him will continue to serve me well in my new role.”


Senior Manager, Organizational Development, CTI

“The content was easily accessible and really made me shift my focus and be much more excited about the job search and it also helped me hone in on my skills and what I enjoy doing in jobs.”

Heather compton

ameera tarlit

“It was very much relatable for people like me who are exploring and building a new career and I enjoyed that the main reason why this masterclass was created. It was very clear and easy to follow.”

Glayds Leynes

“The course is so timely and very effective, especially for those people who are lost in their careers.”

Mark De Leon

“It feels very relevant especially now that I am transitioning and pursuing a new career. – I gained new insights on things to consider to find the right career balance and figure out where I want to go moving forward.”

Frances Leyes

“I learned a lot of tips on how can I be more confident with my job right now, how to stay happy, and discover new skills and abilities that I needed to attain my career goals.”

Deborah Gero

“I learned a lot of tips on how can I be more confident with my job right now, how to stay happy, and discover new skills and abilities that I needed to attain my career goals.”

Gordon Deal
Anchor of the syndicated news radio radio program, “This Morning, America’s First Neww” and NY Giants announcer.

“Julie has become our Go To expert on “This Morning, America’s First News” when it comes to trends in the job market. The reason she draws reaction from radio listeners on social media is because she delivers credibility and relatability. She’s current, authoritative and energetic, and always presents real-world anecdotes and usable information.”

Rick Dayton
Afternoon Drive Host at KDKA Radio

“Regardless of the subject matter, she is prepared, unflappable, and always leaves the listeners wanting to learn more from her. Julie intimately understands the subject matter and has a knack for being able to share that with my listeners every time she is on. I can’t recommend her highly enough. I wish all my guests were as good as Julie Bauke.”

Shirin Becker
Lead – Global Leadership Development at Amway

“After a period of change in our organization our employee base was hungry for career and development support. We were fortunate enough to connect with Julie and was drawn to the sincere passion she demonstrated for helping people throughout their career journey. We had great feedback on Julie’s engaging and sincere keynote address. In follow up to this introductory session over 100 employees attended a four hour virtual interactive 7 Step workshop, where participants had the opportunity to delve more deeply on each of the steps and begin the work of building a career plan. Employees were engaged, enthusiastic and grateful for the opportunity to get an outside perspective on their career and responded very positively to her style and authentic desire to help others. We look forward to opportunities to continue the partnership in the future and recommend her to any organization with similar goals.”

Amway Employee

“Loved Julie’s energy and wisdom. Very engaging, great resources provided”

Amway Employee

“This workshop allowed me to recognize where I’m at in my career and where I would like to go.”

Matt Richard

“I would highly recommend working with Jeff as I found it to be both a rewarding and fulfilling experience for my career! In looking back at the initial personalized marketing plan that he and I worked on together, the result matched every criteria. Jeff also became a trusted advisor for me during this time and was a tremendously helpful resource to get feedback from during the career growth process. He comes strongly recommended!”

Alison Hoskins

“Working with Jeff was so incredibly helpful and monumental. I was really struggling with finding fulfillment out of my then current role, and really wanted to make sure my next move was doing work I thoroughly enjoyed. Through Jeff’s process I was really able to understand what was important to me, and how I could find those values in a career. If you don’t wake up most days excited to jump into your work, I would highly recommend working with Jeff. We only live this life once, so why not fill your days with joy!”

Ken Thomas

“I worked with Jeff and would heartily recommend him as a career coach. He really helped me hone my story and personal brand message online, on paper and in person which helped me stay on point and remain true to myself. You couldn’t find a more genuine person who is truly interested in helping others succeed.”