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Introducing Career Launchpad: Your ultimate guide to secure that first job and kickstart your career journey with confidence.

Age range: 19-25

Career Launchpad comprises three dynamic group sessions designed to equip you with the knowledge, tools, strategic insights, and actionable plans necessary for a successful career launch. The invaluable information shared in these sessions is universally applicable, catering to all career stages, thereby fostering ongoing professional growth and development for all young professionals ready to launch!

Session 1 – Communications Campaign:
Creating Your Resume
Developing Your Career Plan
Optimizing Your LinkedIn Profile

Session 2 – Networking:
Unlocking the Value and Power of Networking for Career Success
Crafting Your Verbal Story
Formulating a Strategic Networking Plan
Organizing Your Networking Efforts

Session 3 – Interviewing, Offers & Negotiating:
Mastering Interview Strategy and Preparation
Navigating Job Offers with Confidence
Strategic Negotiation Techniques