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March 9, 2021:
Five Steps to Re-Careering Without Losing a Step!

If you are like the unfortunate majority, your feelings about your job range from meh to

bleh! It doesn’t have to be that way! Join Julie for a free webinar that will kick you in the
seat of your career pants with proven tips and strategies to move you to the right job for you, right now!

April 13, 2021:

You Can Have What You Want (But Do You Know What You Want?)

Have you ever said to yourself, “I don’t know what I want, but I know it’s not this?” Join the club!
It’s no surprise that when we don’t know what we want in our careers, we are very unlikely to get it! Join Julie for
practical tips to articulate and build the road to your best “what’s next.”



May 11, 2021:

Stay or Go? How to Know so You
Won’t Stay Stuck in Your Crappy Job Forever.

You’ve no doubt experienced how easy it is to get complacent in a job that is tolerable at best.

Whether it’s fear, lack of confidence, lack of time or just not knowing where to start, yep, you are stuck.

Julie will walk you through the steps that will lead you to your answer – stay or go?




June 8, 2021:
The 7 Costly Mistakes that Are Screwing Up Your Job Search.

If you’ve been in a job search and just aren’t getting anywhere, or you are thinking about
starting one and want to do it right, you won’t want to miss this one! Based on her book
“Stop Peeing On Your Shoes- Avoiding the 7 Mistakes That Screw Up Your Job Search”,
Julie will get you on track!



July 13, 2021:
The Last Mile – How to Finish Your Career Better Than You Started It.

Nope, this isn’t your father’s career. We are living – and working – longer than ever,
sometimes because we have to. Why limp to the finish line, reporting to someone half your age!?
Julie will share ideas and strategies for building the last segment of our career around your life
instead of the other way around!


August 10, 2021:
How to Interview and Negotiate Like a Boss…Even if You Are One!


It’s unavoidable. You have to interview and be interviewed. Whether it is for a different role at your current company, or for a new job, it’s painful. But learning how to think about the interviewing process – and preparing effectively – will minimize the pain. Promise. Learn Julie’s techniques to rock out your interview and get that offer! (Whether you want to take that offer or not, that’s up to you!)


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