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A Career Transition Strategy to Get Excited About!

Career Strategy & Navigation


Your career (and where you choose to take it) is 100% your responsibility because, well, the Career Fairy isn’t coming. Managing your career effectively will maximize your salary as well as your possibilities and opportunities. Smart, career-focused professionals know this and are willing to invest the time, energy and resources to make the most of their work lives.


The Bauke Group team is dedicated to your success in making the career decisions that are right for you, right now. In our full-service program, you will have a true partnership with your dedicated Strategic Career Advisor and you will have our complete support working through our proven job search process: Think/Plan/Execute.


We will take a broad look at your career including your past and present professional life. Program includes development of your Communication Strategy (an accomplishments-based resume, LinkedIn profile, and other marketing collateral that supports your positioning and objective.), Marketing Plan, Target List, Networking, Interviewing Skills & Preparation, and Negotiation.


This is a three-month program with the ability to go month-to-month at the end of three months, depending on your needs. For a detailed description of our program, click here to download

Execution Focused Programs



This program is for professionals who need help telling their “career story.” A targeted and effective set of communication tools is essential to give you the best chance of getting the job that is best for you, right now. This includes a resume that reflects your best professional self and positions you for the jobs you want, a LinkedIn profile that is consistent with your resume and compels the right employers and recruiters to reach out to you, and practiced and thoughtful answers on 3 initial questions. This program is three sessions with a coach plus work by the coach outside of the meetings.


This program was created for those who need expert insight into a targeted area of their job search or their career. You will get three sessions via Zoom or phone with one of our highly experienced coaches who will work with you on your issue and help you come up with possible solutions. Examples might include: brainstorming career options, preparing for/practicing interviewing, developing a networking or marketing plan for your job search.

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Coaching Program Descriptions

Career Strategy & Navigation

Three months full service with the options to go month to month (More Information

This is for you if you want a committed partner/coach as you embrace and step fully into our full Think, Plan, Execute process. Communications Strategy described below is included.  

Communications Strategy

This is for you if all you need is a targeted refresh of your resume, LinkedIn profile, and your core messages to help you professionally position yourself for maximum success in your career. 

Career Concierge

This is for you if you need help with one very targeted area of your job search or career. This is a three-session program in which we agree up-front on issues to target and desired outcomes.

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