Questions about Finally Getting a Career Coach?

Here are some helpful, Frequently Asked Questions


What is Career Transition Coaching?

What we do as Career Transition Coaches at The Bauke Group is partner with professionals to help them identify and clarify objectives for their next career move and for the future, develop a strategic plan for pursuing those goals, and assist in the education and execution of a proven process toward realizing greater career satisfaction and happiness.



What do you mean by “transition”?

“Transition” is synonymous with “change”, and we work with professionals who are desiring, experiencing or anticipating change in their careers. Whether it is chosen by the individual or not, we guide, support and help professionals successfully navigate career transition.



What type of people would use a Career Coach?

People who engage with The Bauke Group are typically those who have been successful in their careers, but at this point are needing and/or desiring something different, and recognize they need help from experts on identifying and pursuing the right next thing that will help them holistically be more satisfied and happy in their careers and lives.



How will it help?

We do not take a cookie cutter approach to this, because we know everyone comes to us in a different place, with different needs and a different journey ahead. Therefore how we can most help you will depend on what you need most… we help our clients in a variety of ways… emotionally, strategically, directionally, executionally… any and all of those are ways we provide the assistance and support our clients need with their career transitions.



Do I really need a coach, can’t I just do it myself?

Some people may be able to do it for themselves, but most cannot, and we know this because many of our clients have tried on their own and were unsuccessful. This is our business, our area of expertise and our passion… we do this every day and collectively have for over 50 years. You might do this once or a few times in your career… you would not be expected to know all the right things to do in this process on your own. Additionally, figuring out who you are and what you want, simple as that sounds, is very difficult to do by yourself.



What is different about a Career Coach vs. other types of coaches?

We’ll turn this question around and answer by saying the type of coach we are most similar to is an athletic coach, especially at the professional level. Professional athletes are all extremely talented and successful, but still need a coach to help them continue to improve and realize their full potential. We work in much the same way… we can’t play the game for you, but we can give you the game plan, guide, train and prepare you so you are at your best when you execute. Oh, and we’re on the sidelines if you need advice, strategy or to make an adjustment at any time.