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What is Career Happiness, Really?


After what seems like a lifetime of working with people to find their definition of Career Happiness, I’ve determined that it’s FOUR parts, all uniquely yours:

  • Doing what you like/love
  • Doing what you’re great at
  • Getting paid fairly for it
  • Working in a place where you fit into the culture and values of the company

But here’s the problem: getting Career Happy requires that you know and are very clear on what you want, not just at work, but in your whole life because the two are inextricably intertwined.

Wildly unhappy at work? Bet you’re not much of a joy to live with. Unhappy at home? You work is suffering, whether you realize it or not. People evolve, and careers should too!

When Monday morning arrives, are you excited to work (or at least not filled with dread)??

You may not even know what career satisfaction feels like! Discover if it’s time for a career or job change and discover what your “Career Happiness” grade is by taking this short quiz we’ve developed just for you.

Or if you’re ready to talk, we’re here for you!

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