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Few of us plan our careers

The majority of us let our careers just happen.  We don’t strategize or plan.  We are reactive.  We hope, despite all evidence to the contrary, that our careers will progress as we wish and that our employers will look out for us.

The majority of us also know we should give more thought to our career plans, but don’t know how to do that or even how to get started.  The process can seem daunting and overwhelming.  Too often, we just throw up our hands and go back to work.

That’s where we come in.

Chief Career Happiness Officer

We believe most people can benefit from a “Chief Career Happiness Officer.”

A good career coach has your best interests in mind, always.  He or she knows your goals and helps you get there. As we like to say, your career coach is one of the few objective people in your life.  Your best friend, your significant other, and your co-workers may like, love, or respect you, but they see you through their own lens.  And that is not necessarily how the world sees you.

We believe strongly in Career Happiness, and helping you Define it, Get it, and Own it.  We do not — and, frankly, can not — do the work for you. No one can. Rather, our role is to be your objective guide – your partner — as you work through the process of obtaining your Career Happiness.

We start with what you want, both right now and down the road.  If you aren’t sure, we’ll help you figure it out.  Then, we’ll coach you through the process of getting it.  With us, you’ll greatly increase your chances of getting what you seek.

Some of the ways we can help:

  • Leave your current job (whether you resign or are “let go”) prepared and confident.
  • Successfully find and land your next position, swiftly and smoothly.
  • Look ahead to the next several steps in your career and plan your journey.

Profit from insider knowledge

We have successfully coached thousands of professionals, executives, and professional athletes.  We have the knowledge and experience to:

  • Share how successful professionals and executives successfully manage their careers.
  • Reveal how companies interview and hire professionals and executives.
  • Help you successfully handle professional and executive level career challenges.

Resigning or about to be let go? Launch forward, don’t flounder

When change looms on the horizon, we help you prepare. Don’t telegraph your panic or flail around looking at online job sites. Work with us to:

  • Negotiate a severance package that keeps you in control.
  • Employ key strategies for successfully transitioning to a new career path.
  • Evaluate and build your current network with your goals in mind.

Don’t just jump into your job search.  Take time to consider your next move. It’s no longer optional.

Not finding that “perfect” job? Don’t settle — shoot high

Looking for a new position? Don’t settle on or accept an “okay” job due to frustration or family pressures. We will help you balance those pressures, while keeping you on track. Take charge and gain a career you’re passionate about.

  • Learn powerful interviewing strategies for high level opportunities.
  • Reframe your resume and interviewing “stories” to support your desired career.
  • Gain an objective evaluation of job offers, including compensation, travel, and promotions.
  • Successfully negotiate a highly competitive compensation package.
  • Take this opportunity to live your career with intent.

Step back and review your plan with experts who will have your best interests in mind.  Discover what’s realistic and  possible in your career.

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